The Allure of Extreme Sport, according to Kathryn Bigelow

With a saturated fragrance market globally…. fashion, luxury and fragrance houses now have to be one step ahead.

To consider placing a fragrance in the marketplace, it comes down to packaging, branding and placement.

The questions that are most likely asked are – what will the bottle look like? Who will endorse the fragrance? What campaign will be used? How is that campaign distributed etc etc.

We reported earlier this week about how the luxury houses are delving into the wonderful world of film as an extra way to entice consumers and fans.

The MO Down touched briefly on Chanel’s new campaign for Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.  Academy Award director Kathryn Bigelow has directed the latest campaign, which is expected to earn rave reviews globally.

Eau Extreme is a direct offshoot of Allure Homme Sport but with a decidedly more aromatic personality.

Chanel presents the sales spiel in such a way that it leaves us feeling slightly hungry.
‘Mint kicks things off from the very first scent, along with a refreshing pulsation upheld by Sicilian Mandarin rind and Moroccan Cypress. The impression is as icy as the chill that runs down the spine just before taking the leap. Discreet but present, Clary Sage adds a touch of warmth, an almost amber plant-like sensuality. While not as spicy as the Allure Homme Sport Eau De Toilette, the composition nevertheless calls upon Black Pepper from Madagascar, suggesting the muted and rhythmic beat that resonates in the chest. Then comes the big moment. Behind the rustic array lies a White Musk accord selected by Jacques Polge for its cottony soft and subtly animal intonations.’

Hawaiian surfer Danny Fuller has been named as the face of the new fragrance and we like what we see.

“Kathryn was so sweet and such a pleasure to work with, she really brings the best of you. It was such an honour working with someone of that expertise and for it to be surf related was a dream… I’ve been a major fan of Kathryn’s work since “Point Break” and I became an even bigger fan once I became familiar with her earlier works.” Fuller said of his experience working with Bigelow.

The campaign was shot in Hawaii at a secret break west of Oahu. Fuller spoke of his experience on the campaign.

“Working with Kathryn Bigelow, and working with her on creating a strong vision for Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, and being part of the creative process to bring my love of surf on film.”

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