Luxury houses refine their target segmentation, it’s not just ‘about’ the UUHNW – 1/7/15

Years ago, advertising agencies and luxury brands were targeting the ultra-rich. Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Rolex and Cartier amongst other luxurious brands were after the dollars of the very wealthy, but that is now a thing of the past as the middle class has now become a target. Neilsen have recently released their latest Luxury

In The MO – A career in profile with inArt Director, Jenny Garber 30/06/2015

Jenny Garber is the Director at inART, a business that designs and hosts inspired luxury art experiences. Q1: Your first job in the premium/luxury space? Director of Public Relations & Advertising at The Regent Sydney, which then became The Four Seasons. Q2: The best career advice that you have received? In turn what would

The motor industry stalls Australia’s economic growth – 28/6/15

Purchasing a car isn’t a cheap decision or one that should be taken lightly. Acquiring a car should be seen as an investment and can be one of the most expensive purchases one can make in their lifetime, apart from buying a house. There is a saying that when you purchase a car it