Turmoil in Europe adds to Prada’s woes – 8/8/2014

We imagine that there would be some concern and panic in the Prada boardroom over their first half-year results. The Italian luxury house posted the slowest half-yearly sales growth in three years….The reason for this? Demand isn’t as strong as it used to be in some Asian countries and economic and political uncertainties in

Peninsula Paris opens its doors to the public – 7/8/2014

The Ritz hotel in Paris may be closed for renovations, but we would imagine that they would be slightly nervous to know that they will face some stiff competition, especially from the Asian hotels when they reopen. Paris seems to be the place to be seen at the moment with the Peninsula Paris recently

‘Kors and Effect’ Opportunities & Challenges for Coach and Michael Kors – 7/8/2014

Coach released their fourth quarter results overnight, which would cause concern not only for the American luxury house, but also investors… The luxury house reported net sales of $US1.14 billion for its fourth fiscal quarter ended June 28, 2014, compared with $US1.22 billion reported in the same period of the prior year, a decrease