International travel and tourism to prop up luxury market – 21/10/2014

Bain & Co have released their Annual Global Luxury Study, which shows that international tourism and a stronger middle class are shaping luxury trends. This includes luxury experiences and alternative luxury channels, with a focus on consumer nationality rather than geography. Slow but steady is the key apparently… and the ‘new normal’ for the

Protests in Hong Kong harm luxury market – 20/10/2014

No doubt you have seen the scenes via video, photos or in person.. Hong Kong is currently at a standstill and the protests are warding off a lucrative tourism market. Why is there a protest? Hong Kong has not seen a protest on this scale for years, with tens of thousands turning out at

Is the IPO dead? – 20/10/2014

Was it a good time for Jimmy Choo to launch their IPO? The stock market is experiencing a tumultuous time, but whilst stocks are down, it could be a good thing for private equity firms. Reuters reports that private equity firms started the year with a record $US1 trillion ($AUD1.41 trillion) cash pile and