One plus One equals a new Giorgio Armani SS12 film

Hot off the press from Giorgio Armani is “One plus One”, the film-fashion project resulting from the collaboration between Giorgio Armani and film director Luca Guadagnino.   And who we hear you ask is Luca Guadagnino when he is at his casa?  Well he is oft found collaborating with Tilda Swinton including 2009′s film “I Am Love” and his star commenced rising with his film in 2005 titled “Melissa P”… so now you know!

The 3-minute film is a moving illustration of the Giorgio Armani 2012 Spring/Summer Collection – stunning collection. Filmed in Mantua and Cremona – Lombardy locations dear to the designer – it is the story of a suspenseful and unsettling love triangle, told through the tension that develops between the space and the silhouette of a woman and two finely dressed men. The textured architecture, the clean yet soft lines of the buildings, and the movement of the surfaces describe a circular movement. The story is told in an enigmatic way leaving much to the viewer’s imagination. The sense of dizziness and displacement creates a rhythm that keeps building, reaching a conclusion only at the very end, when the mystery dissolves in the full light of day.

Taking inspiration from the films of Chantal Akerman, Luca Guadagnino hones in on the collection’s sense of opalescent elegance, transforming it into a story using rarefied and sophisticated language. The soundtrack and camera movements have a classic film quality and match perfectly with the visual aesthetic, while the photography of Yorick le Saux recreates the simultaneously bright and sedate colours of Renaissance Italian painting yet in a contemporary key.The interior scenes are filmed in the Museo del Violino in Cremona, a masterpiece of Lombardy rationalist architecture which is making its film debut with this project.

“Today, fashion needs to open itself to new languages,” says Giorgio Armani. “Cinema is the form of expression I have always felt the closest to. Working with Luca Guadagnino, I have had the opportunity to transform the atmosphere of my collection into a story, and it has been a stimulating experience.”

Luca Guadagnino, director of the 2009 film ‘Io sono l’amore’ (I Am Love) for which he received a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination, says. “Giorgio Armani’s extraordinary work has influenced my own sense of taste. To be able to “move” his clothes through this story of desire and suspense has been particularly meaningful to me.”
The film stars Milou Van Groesen, Diego Fragoso, and Viniccius Sales… and as we said in The MO Down earlier this week it is a firm part of the marketing strategy of luxury brands to provide a mini film (subtle advertising campaign) and collaborate with noted directors/actors.  Film does capture the fluidity and mood of fashion beautifully and we find Giorgio Armani’s SS12 One plus One a perfect example.

Video credit: YouTube

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