Louis Vuitton celebrates 13th maison in Sydney

Forget New York, London or Milan.. Sydney is becoming a true luxury destination and the new Louis Vuitton maison has cemented us with the new reputation.

In true Louis Vuitton style, you can see why they are the largest luxury goods brand in the world, the unveiling of the new maison, ie the new mega flagship officially on Friday evening was, in a word, spectacular.

The who’s who of Sydney, including The MO Down attended the celebrations on Friday night where guests sipped champagne and nibbled canapés amongst the latest Louis Vuitton collections.

Media were earlier treated to a preview of the store and saw the official opening take place. Hollywood A-lister Cate Blanchett cut the ribbon on the new store along with Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO Yves Carcelle, President of Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific Jean-Baptiste Debains and CEO of Louis Vuitton Oceania Philip Corne.  Monsieur Carcelle also confirmed that Australia was in Louis Vuitton’s top 10 markets, adding that Sydney represents a significant market.

The maison, housed in a historic building pays testament to the Louis Vuitton architects, who said that there were advantages and disadvantages of working with historic buildings. We think that they did a splendid job though. Each floor (3 in total) were like three different stores with their different looks complimenting each other. Think natural timbers, polished floors, simple lighting and both soft and hard furniture and fixtures summing up this 1200sqm of architectural beauty.

The ground floor, flanked by black glossy pillars topped with gold and stunning ceilings house the extensive bag collection, along with jewellery and accessories ie. Sunglasses and scarves.

The first floor is all about the men with ready-to-wear shoes, casual and formal accessories and the second floor being the troisième niveau revealing all that a woman holds dear to her heart – shoes and ready-to-wear collections. It’s an incredibly pleasurable journey.

Sydney’s new luxury offering is the 13th maison in the world, but what other countries are envious of right now are the two specialised services that Louis Vuitton offer to Sydney shoppers.

Men will now have the chance to create their own pair of shoes. Pick the leather, the style and the fit. This will leave any man feel like a prince in their own right with these shoes.

As a woman, we applaud Louis Vuitton for offering the personalised service of a customised handbag. Every detail will come down to the client from the zips through to the opulent leathers and bag shape. With six styles on offer, why stop at one bag we say? The handbags will take up to two months to complete, are made in France and prices start from $8,000. A small investment for your own unique handbag.

As shoppers, we always appreciate the finer details of a luxury store, in particular to the windows of the boutiques. I’m sure that we are all guilty of spending time in front of Hermès on Elizabeth Street poring over the spectacular window displays (yes they are clever, arresting and sometimes controversial, all the right ingredients for a show stopping window in our book).

Louis Vuitton have gone one better though and it has stopped traffic (the people kind). To create a buzz Louis Vuitton style (note to all budding stylists, artists and visual merchandisers), the homage to the Australian native animal and, the not so native, created out of a plethora of monogrammed handbags and accessories is both an incredible marketing ploy yet so very clever in an installation-art-kind-of-way! We take our chapeau off to the behind-the-scenes creative forces across many levels with these unique and to-be treasured pieces.

To introduce the store to the fashion fraternity in Sydney, Louis Vuitton took the wrap literally…. with a wrap around the Sydney Morning Herald. 15,000 copies received this beauty treatment of an artists impression./art creation with the stars shining very brightly on the store.

Officially opened to the public on Saturday 3rd December, we noted the bollards were still in place on Saturday morning literally managing the crowd control, what a retail dream.  A trip to this store should certainly be on your Christmas shopping list, among the many other luxury brands that are preening their feathers for this joyous season.

Image credit: Louis Vuitton Australia

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