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Online battles starting to heat up as luxury houses step up online presence – 7/10/15

It was hard enough for retailers when the e-tail world was turned on its head and consumers starting buying from the comfort of their homes rather than visiting stores and boutiques. But… the department stores and boutiques are about to get squeezed again with a new competitor hitting town: makers of the designer clothing,

Versace may float IPO in the U.S. or Asia – 25/9/15

Versace, in which private equity group Blackstone bought a 20 per cent stake in 2014, is working on an IPO which a source close to the matter said could take place as early as next year. “The (IPO’s) goal is to ensure the long-term prospects of the company and reduce its dependence on the

In The MO – A career in profile with Julian Kipping GM of Bang & Olufsen 5/8/15

Julian Kipping is the General Manager at Bang & Olufsen Australia & New Zealand, a position he has held for close to ten years. Q1: Your first job in the premium/luxury space? I joined Bang & Olufsen in 1997 as part of a UK team designed to develop the profile of the Brand through