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Kering stands out when it comes to sustainability – 14/3/2015

Sustainability. It’s a word that luxury houses are using more and more these days. One luxury house that stands out is Kering. Headed by François-Henri Pinault, the Chairman and CEO is very passionate about the direction that Kering are heading towards when it comes to sustainability. The Australian Financial Review reports that Pinault has

The ethics of diamonds and issues of alliances – Tiffany&Co.’s challenges & opportunitiess

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend… but over the years, diamonds have been in the news with the ethics associated over diamond mining (think blood diamonds) and their sustainability. For Tiffany&Co., diamonds are a big part of the luxury group’s livelihood and Tiffany&Co.’s Chairman and CEO Michael Kowalski has recently

Gucci launches eco-friendly bags

When it comes to environmental responsibility, Gucci is one of the leaders. They have launched a sustainable eyewear line and then impressed their clientele and the luxury industry even further with announcing 100% recyclable packaging. Now the Italian luxury house has launched a range of eco-friendly versions of their famous Jackie, Hobo and Tote