Luxury consumers want provenance and storytelling…. what about relevance and modernity? 05/7/2015

A great article from The Drum where we read that Dior CEO Sidney Toledano in conversation with Maurice Lévy says ‘Today’s luxury consumers want roots and a story, but they also want modernity’. The article goes on to say that Luxury takes different forms for the modern consumer. It’s a well-heeled blend of history, quality, modernity

Didier Ludot to sell collection at Sotheby’s – 2/7/15

If there was ever a time to be in Paris, this could be it.  Known as Paris’ reigning vintage guru, Didier Ludot was reluctant to part with pieces from his private collection but he has had a change of heart and is set to put up 160 rare and stunning items on the block

Donna Karan to step down as Chief Designer of Donna Karan – 1/7/15

In a bid to extend her efforts to her philanthropic foundation, Donna Karan has announced that she will step down from daily duties as chief designer at her namesake company. A company statement was released earlier this week stating that she will remain a close adviser. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the company